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There are so many other areas where you might incorporate Accuride ball bearing drawer slides that it is difficult to list them all. But rest assured, whether you need a single component or a complete assembly, we're here to help.

You can find Accuride slides in all kinds of places.

Electronic magnifier for the visually impaired

Coffin shelf in a hearse

Mobile airport service counter

Moving partition with wine storage

Storage trays and interior stair covers in RVs

Train extension platforms and hide-away seats

Laptop charging stations

Accuride's solutions come from a deep understanding of our customers' needs, and we have the capability to complete each project from the design of the initial concept to manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics.

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Super Heavy-Duty Slides Carry Drone Platform

Two California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo students were tasked with solving a systems level engineering problem to suit the needs of Cal Poly's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) team in the form of a ground station. In addition to implementing an AC power generation system in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van, the students needed to develop a loading and unloading system to move the large UAV helicopters, which weigh 200 to 550 lbs. Accuride's super heavy-duty aluminum AL4120 slides fulfilled the application requirements of load, z-height, and aesthetics. The AL4120 slide, which is lightweight and corrosion resistant, was incorporated into the design by mechanically fastening the slides to a reinforced structure made of 80/20 aluminum extrusions. The 80/20 structure carried the weight of the UAVs in and out of the vehicle.

The UAV Ground Station was exhibited in the field at a demonstration to various UAV sponsors including Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin. Both defense industry companies were quite impressed with the ground station and the especially light action of Accuride's slides under such heavy loads.


Flight Cases Protect Vulnerable Equipment During Transport

Swan Flight CaseSwan Flight Case
Swan Flight CaseSwan Flight Case

Swan Flight designs and manufactures flight cases to carry items such as music, medical, camera, and audio-visual equipment, laptops, tools, 19"racks, etc.

The company's tailor-made flight cases with molded interiors and accessory compartments are designed to give the best possible protection to the valuable equipment inside. Maneuverability of larger or heavier cases is aided by the addition of pullout handles or wheels.

In this particular application, the flight cases are intended for specialist music systems such as digital mixers and controllers as used by professional DJs. Once in position the equipment can be accessed and used while still in the case and the optional sliding laptop shelf gives the case additional benefits for the end user.

Accuride's 3832DO full extension drawer slide was chosen for its hold-in and hold-out functions, which requires additional force to overcome the detents. This is ideal where the user wants the drawer to be held in place during use, but then can be closed easily and smoothly without having tricky levers to deal with.

The 3832DO series has full extension for full access to the rear of the drawer and a disconnect feature should the drawer need to be removed totally.

Visit the Swan Flight website for more information on the huge range of flight cases available: www.swnflight.com.

Over Travel Slides Supply Access To Mission-Critical Equipment

Extreme Cases makes tough technical cases for mission-critical equipment in extreme environments. The cases and enclosures are built and tested to the most punishing military and commercial standards, so when they designed a new ruggedized interactive presentation and planning tool they recognized the need for equally tough components to incorporate into the case.

In this case, the case was built to hold Smart Beam™ unit, which is designed to be used in the toughest of environments. The unit can be quickly and easily set up to make any surface interactive -- including a table top. The rugged and lightweight case needs to be highly portable as well.

Accuride's CBHand Locking Handle kit has double handle with a push-button release that provides lock-in and lock-out for absolute stability during use. The handle kit has been specifically designed for areas where lightweight and corrosion-resistant materials are needed in tough or mobile applications.

Easy access and fast deployment are also critical. The quick slide out mechanism is supplied by a pair of model 3301 slides, which have a load rating up to 150 lbs. and offer over travel for complete access to the unit.

The SMAT BEAM™ allows collaborative work on documents or multimedia files on any surface to make group projects and activities truly interactive.

Extreme CaseExtreme Case

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