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Global solutions tailored to your needs

More than just a worldwide producer of premium drawer slides, Accuride’s renowned technical experts also provide the most comprehensive assemblage of custom, off-the-shelf movement solutions on the global market.

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Design & Prototyping

Using leading software, state-of-the-art equipment and materials, and a hands-on approach from concept to completion, our team is dedicated to thoroughly analyzing design requirements and meeting prototype deadlines for a streamlined, cost-effective solution.


Logistics Services & Management

Our in-depth and far-reaching logistics services involve inventory management, warehousing, sourcing, and more. Accuride’s long-term partnerships with suppliers all over the world ensure manufacturability in the development stage, rapid turnaround, and the lowest total costs for your business.


Quality Management

RoHS compliant and working with Tier I and Tier II suppliers, our team integrates your criteria with our procedures and benchmarks for a top-notch finished result that’s been extensively tested and inspected.


Tooling & Manufacturing

With a full range of tool types, worldwide staff, and nearly 1 million square feet allotted to manufacturing, you can count on Accuride’s experience and expertise throughout your project’s fulfillment, eliminating the need for any third-parties. We’ve helped develop over 26,000 slide and kit assemblies, with 70% of our products derived from our OEM Direct program!


Ongoing Support

Change is constant. That’s why Accuride continuously offers experienced sales and field engineering support, globally. We do this not only to keep your business moving forward ahead of the curve, but to give you the edge you need to set the curve within your own niche and industry at large.

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We live by our own promise, Always Moving Forward, by constantly seeking new horizons—whether that means fine tuning a current model or inventing a new movement solution to meet ever-changing innovations and challenges within your industry. With mechanical special features spanning self-close, easy-close, action-assist, and touch-release as well as advanced technology employed by our electronic-locking mechanisms, Accuride delivers the highest level of quality to meet your unique specifications.


Accuride aids Original Equipment Manufacturers in all major industries. With more than a half-century of experience and cutting-edge resources behind it, there’s no better partner to have in movement solutions than Accuride.





Design Resources

Accuride works with clients from concept to completion to develop a cost-effective product solution. Our first order of business: study the proposed applications in detail to gain a thorough understanding of the design requirements.

Worldwide Engineering Staff

Located in North America, Europe, and Asia, our engineering team has a wealth of experience across a broad range of industries. Our engineers use leading software to collaborate efficiently: Auto Desk's Inventor and Dassault's Solidworks. Our Field Application Engineers provide experienced hands-on support; analyzing products to achieve the optimal solution.

Front-end Design Services

Component & Tool Design:

We rationalize components and tooling investments, with a common-sense approach, to keep projects cost effective.

Collaborative Design:

We combine our design resources with yours to increase efficiency.

Streamlined Design-Cycle:

All efforts are focused toward the prime goal of getting your product to market quickly.

Manufacturing Design Expertise

Our manufacturing engineering team determines line and assembly efficiencies and designs accordingly.


We have the means to create prototypes in a variety of materials including zinc, aluminum, plastic, or steel; giving you the flexibility to test concepts quickly. Finishes include clear zinc, corrosion-resistant, black electroplate, and white electrocoat.

Worldwide Capability for a Rapid Response

Resources in North America, Europe, and Asia

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Laser, EDM, SLA, RPD, Roland PNC

Single Components to Complete Assemblies

Slides are available with custom hole patterns, shrouds, brackets, and mounting features. Trays, bins, or drawer assemblies; cable management solutions, and more.


Our reliable network of resources allows us to manage complex projects while remaining flexible and responsive.

Worldwide Toolmaker Staff

Facilitates tool building 24/7

A Full Range of Tool Types

Soft-tool solutions

In-house Design and Build

Reduces lead-time. Minimizes third-party tool vendors. Tool build efficiencies are sought to meet ever-shrinking lead times.

Globally Standardized Tooling Methods

Our interoperability technology enables seamless integration into multiple products or systems.

Strategic Partnerships

Established relationships in Asia Pacific expand our ability to provide rapid and reliable solutions.

Vendor & Supply Chain

Accuride offers logistics services such as inventory management and warehousing. Skilled at sourcing, we build long-term partnerships with suppliers, bringing them in at the earliest development stages to assure manufacturability and the lowest total costs.

Computerized Inventory Management

Inventory personnel are involved to ensure records are complete, current, and accurate.

Inventory Considerations for ECO/Rev Changes

We maintain close contact with suppliers and engineering staffs to manage inventory and revision activity.

Tier II Vendor Quality Management

Tier I quality requirements are pushed down to supplier base.

EOL Management Expertise

Our experience in end-of-life management helps to reduce scrap cost and expedite the next generation of product to market.

Procurement Economies of Scale

Reputable for large purchasing power and stability, Accuride strives to keep unit costs competitive.


For a single component, kit, or a complete drop-in assembly, you can rely on our expertise to see projects through to completion.

Global Capability: North America, Europe, and Asia

Accuride has close to 1 million square feet of space available for manufacturing.

Material Volumes

We purchase and mill more than 40 million pounds of steel and plate 75 million square feet of material per year.

Component Fabrication and Assembly

Accuride has extensive experience, having developed more than 26,000 slide and kit assemblies.


Lean manufacturing principles keep material inventories to a minimum. Continuous improvement is a mandate to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.


ISO Certification

Facilities have quality management systems registered to ISO 9001:2008 & adhere to the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.

RoHS Compliant

All slide finishes and components comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.

Tier I Supplier

Our clients include leading electronics, commercial, appliance, and military OEMs.

Tier II Supplier Quality Program

We pride ourselves on efficient component inspection and rapid time-to-production.

Statistical Process Control

We continually measure quality and benchmark results.

Quality Requirements

Customer quality requirements are integrated into our procedures. All projects have defined fabrication and assembly quality requirements.

Contract Manufacturing

Accuride's systematic approach is designed to maximize revenue for our customers. When you're successful, we're successful.

Extensive Experience

70% of Accuride SKUs are OEM-specified solutions.

Global Program Management

The Accuride OEM Direct staff has in-depth knowledge and experience with product development processes across a broad range of industries. Clients are assigned a dedicated point-of-contact for ramp-up, production, and EOL activities.

Low-Cost Manufacturing & Integration

Our facilities in Mexico and China provide an economic resource.

Supply Chain Management

Our experience allows us to eliminate third-party component "pass-through". We rationalize supply chain “touches” for the most efficient result.

Full Product Cycle Support

We fabricate, procure, integrate components, and provide global distribution and management.


Our expertise extends to value-added logistics services for total support—from the initial idea to product distribution.

Adaptable Distribution

We can ship from any facility to any warehouse or hub throughout the world.


Rapid response for procurement, production, and shipment based on the current customer forecast.

Product Delivery

Flexible and fluid delivery based on customer demand.

Manufacturing Economics

We manufacture in the location that gives you the lowest total logistics and project ownership costs.

Dedicated Personnel

We have logistics management specialists in place to develop the economic solutions for our clients.

Continuous Support

Change is constant. Accuride provides experienced sales and field engineering support worldwide; not to merely keep you on the leading edge of the curve, but to help you SET the curve.

Product Evolution

Design revisions and ECO rollouts are standard operating procedure for Accuride. Add-on offerings and additional volume capacity are easily accommodated. We help anticipate and prepare for your next generation of products.

Field Replacement Services

We can direct-ship to your facility or end user.

EDI and Internet Transactions

Whether it’s invoicing, purchase order generation and distribution, or RMRs, we conduct business with e-expediency.